Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Very First Post

Welcome to my blog. I keep saying that I'm going to make one and I never do. Or I do make one and then never keep up with it. They say your blog should have a theme, but I change my mind every ten minutes regarding what to write about. So I will make the theme my thoughts and rants on pretty much whatever comes into my head. Pretty random, but whatever.
I also was hoping my blog would look fancy and professional but I am not tech-savy and therefore I had to settle with some pre-made layout.
Anyways, this is my blog. I will let you know a few things about myself. I live with my boyfriend and two cats. I am currently (what I like to call) "renovating my life". Or "my life is under construction". I have taken sometime off from working to focus on going back to school and figuring my life out. I am pretty lucky to have the opportunity to do this so I'm trying to really put thought into where my life should be heading. I mean, I think most of my twenties was something like "I am a raccoon staring into some headlights" or is it a deer? But you get what I mean. You're stuck and cant figure out what to do. So instead of ending up mashed into a car bumper, I decided to make a switch and move in with my boyfriend. Stay unemployed. Enroll in school. Basically take a mental vacation for a year.
Sometimes its hard because I feel like I should be so much more productive. I try to do a lot of volunteer work but its kind of awkward when people ask "So what do you do?" My response is something like "Uhmmm....I'm kinda...taking a break..." which is often met with a dead stare. But really, whats wrong with taking time off? People go away and travel for a year and that's not frowned upon. I'm doing the same thing. But staying. In one place. I don't sit in bed eating bonbons all day. Well...not EVERY day. I fill my time with taking some volunteer training programs, reading, spending time with family and friends, cleaning, hanging out with my boyfriend and our cats, I call it "no stress living".

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