Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ace The Skeleton Bird

Yesterday I decided to work on our front garden. Since this is my first summer/spring in this house I have no idea how long its been since the front garden was cleaned up. As Im cleaning leaves and pulling weeds I saw a strange white stick thing. I figured it was weird trash and threw it aside. A few moments later I came upon what looked like a skull. I sat in on the edge of the garden and went looking for the weird stick thing because maybe it wasn't actually a stick. Once I took a good look, I realized it was a skeleton. I am a fan of skulls and the like, but when you actually find a skull and skeleton in the garden its a bit off putting. My boyfriend was out but his friend was over working on his van. (which by the way is this 70's cactus themed vehicle that is so awesome...I will include a picture sometime.) His friend verified that in was indeed a skeleton and probably a bird. Seeing as how we have a huge window above the garden it made sense that the bird had flown into it and well...crashed and died. I did some poking around and what I thought was a wing bone was actually a leg and while it was fascinating, it was a bit....gross? I figured we would throw it away but when my boyfriend returned he insisted we keep the skull. Due to the birds flying capabilities, I have decided to name him Ace. Ace's body is now in the garbage but we kept his little skull in a jar. I told my boyfriend that we can keep him but if any bad ju-ju starts happening in the house, Ace will have to have a burial.

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