Monday, June 6, 2016

Experiencing Nature Will Be My Demise

I am going on a motorcycle camping trip this weekend. If you read my previous post "When I Die I Leave Everything to My Cats" you will understand the terror that comes with this event. I am going on a three day ride up into "camping country" to sleep on the cold ground.

Reasons Why I Am Freaking Out Over This Trip:
1. I am going to be on a motorcycle for long lengths of time and if we crash I will probably die.
2.I do not like bugs.
3. I hate sleeping on the ground.
4. Indoor plumbing is not available. Minus some crappy outhouses.
5. I will not be with my cats.
6. Makeup seems pointless, but I like my makeup.
7. Bug bites.
8. When its freezing at night and you have to sleep in a winter coat.

I have spoken to my boyfriend in regards to my fears and he has devised a list of ways/facts to make me relieved:

Reasons Why I Shouldn't Freak Out Over This Trip:
1. I've been on the bike a bunch of times and he will always be safe with me on it.
2. We can use bug spray.
3. He will supply a blow up mattress.
4. The camp site has public bathrooms that are not outhouses.
5. The cats will be fine without me for three days.
6. Don't wear makeup.
7. Bug spray.
8. Extra blankets and those pockets heater packs you can get at camping stores. Also, warm coat, camp fire.

He also has organized his friend to drive his car with us so we can bring more people and if I am freezing/freaking out, then I can sit in the car.
I hate to admit it, but he pretty much has an answer for all of my complaints. SO I am off to experience the great outdoors. I am going to try to enjoy nature, not freak out about dying on the bike and pack extra warm items.
Wish me luck.

Also, if I don't post anymore blogs you can safely assume that:
1. I died on the bike.
2. A bear ate me.
3. I annoyed my boyfriend so badly he dropped me off at a truck stop and am now on my way home.
4. I froze to death.
5. I am heartbroken over missing my cats. This is very likely.


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